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Most technical assistance providers will advocate for writing a business plan prior to starting your business.  Here are some tools and resources that can help you put something together.  If you need more advanced technical assistance, please fill out our contact form and somebody will be in touch with you.

One of the best resources available to potential direct market fishermen is the Seafood Direct Marketers Process checklist.  Here are a few more below.

Business Technical Assistance

Business Form

The form of business that you choose may impact the level of liability that you or your partners or investors are exposed to.  The business forms below provide basic information on ease of startup, cost of startup and liability traditionally associated with this type of business form.

Sole proprietorship

Probably the most simple form of business.  This form of business organization is characterized by one owner.  It is also the form that most exposes the owner to liability.  It only requires a business license application, and will typically require a simple Schedule C Profit or Loss from Business that the owner would file with their Form 1040 with their federal tax return.



Limited Liability Company

Non-profit corporation


Cooperatives are a fairly common business form for fishing groups in Alaska.  There are a number of successful cooperatives, including the Sitka Producers Cooperative.  The State of Alaska Division of Corporations, Business and Professional Licensing regulates the filing of paperwork for formation of a cooperative.  The filing fee is $250, and requires filing of Articles of Incorporation.  This involves filling out a form that is available for download on the Division’s website at