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One of the aspects of the Bristol Bay fishery is the competitive nature of the fishery.  The fishermen, the processors, the marketers, they are all trying to compete with one another, and none of us is getting anywhere trying to keep the other down.  A paradigm shift is in order.  By working together, the small processors, the direct market fishermen, the salmon marketers, expediters, etc. can cut our costs and contribute to the overall economic health of the region and each other.  Imaging for a minute if we could consolidate freight orders and eliminate the Less-than-container (LCL) rates by getting all of our freight into consolidated freight loads and pass those savings onto the members?  That is one example of a cost-saving through cooperation.

If you are interested in learning more about the Bristol Bay Salmon Marketing Cooperative, please visit our website at  Membership is a $500 one-time fee.  The idea is to generate revenues from the consolidated shipments by charging members cost plus 10%  and non-members cost plus 30%.  Even for non-members, it’ll be cheaper than paying LCL freight rates.  Other than cost savings on freight, the sky is the limit in terms of future activities of the cooperative.  What do you need?  What kind of improvements would you like to see in the Bristol Bay fishery?

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