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State of Alaska

The State of Alaska has several agencies with different permitting and licensing requirements.  These agencies or departments are listed below, along with their requirements for operating.  The information provided below is based on the assumption that the entity being permitted is a direct market fishing operation.  For more complicated organizations (such as Limited Liability Companies, partnerships, joint ventures, and cooperatives, and corporations), the information may be slightly different, and the fees for permitting will likely be higher.

Department of Revenue

The State of Alaska Dept. of Revenue is responsible for the issuing of Fisheries Business Licenses, through their Intent to Operate form.  This is an online fillable form that must be filled out in one session in order to obtain your Fisheries Business License.

1. The first step in filing your Intent to Operate is to see if the name that you would like to use is available.  You can use the online query form on the Department’s website to see if your name is available.

2. Once you have verified that your business name is available, you can fill out the Intent to Operate form online.  The online fillable form is available through  Once logged into that system, scroll down for “Business Services” until you see “Fisheries Taxes.”  Once there, you can fill out the form to obtain your Fisheries Business License.  The cost is $25 for direct market fishermen.

3. According to the Department of Revenue, all Fisheries Business License holders must file tax returns, even if the license holder had no taxable activity.  Taxes are due on an annual basis to the Department of Revenue, and must be paid and filed by March 30th.  Forms and instructions for filing and paying fish taxes are available online at

Department of Commerce, Community & Economic Development

Corporations, some partnerships and Limited Liability Companies must be registered and maintain good standing with DCCED.  You can contact the Department at (907) 465-2527 or go their website at

Department of Environmental Conservation (DEC)

The Dept. of Environmental Conservation is charged with regulating seafood processing in the State of Alaska.  Each year, seafood processors and others who will be “processing” or “packaging” seafood are required to file a Seafood Processors Permit with the Dept.  Fees vary according to the volume of fish being processed on a daily basis.  The permits and applications are available online at the DEC website at

Department of Fish & Game

The State of Alaska Department of Fish & Game regulates the subsistence and commercial fisheries in Alaska.  Before attempting an endeavor to sell any fishery resources harvested in Alaska, you will want to ensure that the fishery resources were harvested in a legal manner, and from an approved harvesting area.  The ADF&G website has maps and other regulations on commercial fisheries in Alaska.